Ask Bonnie for an interview on your show.

Here are a few Segment Ideas / Interview Topics

Watch videos of Bonnie

watch Part 1 of “When Kids Push Your Buttons” seminar

watch Part 2 of “When Kids Push Your Buttons” seminar

listen “The Today Show” interview

listen “NH Outlook” on NH Public Television interview

listen Workshop for Insight Outreach & Consulting

listen “Northwest Afternoon” from Seattle interview

 Asia News – broadcast from Singapore (video no longer available)

Listen to Interviews with Bonnie

listen “The Importance of Compassionate Parenting” on Baby Talk Radio with Cathy Jacobs
Hear Bonnie Harris’ different take on the Newtown shootings. Also:

  1. How does she define punishment? What is meant by a “culture of punishment”?
  2. What would a “culture of compassion” look like?
  3. What do we need to do to change our “parenting culture”?

listen Bonnie is interviewed by Patty Wipfler of HandinHand Parenting on When Your Kids Push Your Buttons

listen Bonnie’s interview discussing young children’s behavior on Baby Talk Radio with Cathy Jacobs

listen Bonnie’s interview on The Lisa Oz Show on Oprah Radio

listen Bonnie’s interview with Heather Forbes’ “Ask the Experts Series” at Beyond Consequences Institute

listen Bonnie’s interview with Karen Ross of “”

listen Karen Bierdeman’s (The Guilt Free Mom) interview (approx. 40 min.)

  ParentWorld Radio interview (audio no longer available)

  “The Exchange” on NHPR interview (audio no longer available)

  Australian Broadcasting Corporation Radio Program “Life Matters” (audio not available)

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