How to Use Your Parent Authority

parent authority cards

Stop nagging and criticizing so your kids can hear you.

These 10 Parent Authority Cards give you dialogue for 10 different situations to help you understand how to use your authority and at the same time set your expectations appropriately for your children. Your parent authority comes into play when your children should not be expected to know what to do or how to do it because of their age and stage of development – all the way to teens. That’s why you are their authority figure for 18+ years. Instead of yelling or nagging endlessly, use your authority properly and effectively and get the results you want.

These dialogue examples can be mixed and matched. They are written to give you an idea of what can be realistically expected in different scenarios. Then you can make your own. Eventually use the cards to simply hold up to give your child the signal.

Each pack contains a How to Use Your Parent Authority Cards article.

Parent Authority Cards available for $9.95 plus shipping.