Buttons Parent Workbooks

Parent Workbooks

Order 1 or more Parent Workbooks!

Certified Buttons Educators can order Parent Workbooks for their classes here. This workbook is required for participants in the “Buttons Parent Workshop”. Additional facilitator manuals may be ordered by calling Connective Parenting at 603-924-6639.


The workbook is also available for parents who want to supplement their reading of When Your Kids Push Your Buttons for $12 plus shipping.


The Buttons workbook follows the parenting course When Your Kids Push Your Buttons. It is a guide to help you put the work of the Buttons book or workshop into your own personal life experiences. It is filled with exercises, questions, complete-the-sentence scenarios, descriptions, charts and diagrams, steps for actions to help you make the work fit your life and family. As well, there are Practices to guide you through your thinking process to remind you of what you can do in the moment. It includes the The Nine Habits to Defusing Your Buttons, a “refrigerator” check list and a template for reframing your own button-pushing situations.

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