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When Your Kids
Push Your Buttons!

A Teleseminar in two parts

Follow this recorded teleseminar—a 12 hour Buttons workshop for parents—at your own pace and preferred time. Use your workbook (download included) for the exercises and homework between sessions to apply the work to your personal life and family.

Listen and learn in the convenience of your home—no travel, no babysitters, no driving, no parking, no added costs, no hassles. Listen to the classes as often as you like.

Teleseminar Pricing and Downloads

This Teleseminar is in 2 parts, 4 sessions in each part
Download each session to your personal device or computer

  • Part One – $65 – includes Part 1 workbook
  • Part Two – $65 (Part One highly recommended prior to Part Two) – includes Part 2 workbook
  • Part One and Two purchased together – $110 – includes full workbook

See descriptions of the workshop below.

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A certain look, a defiant act, your child “pushes your buttons”, and you react saying things you swore you never would. Sound familiar?

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Defiant behavior, then blame, threats, and yelling, then regret and shame—does this “spinning out of control” cycle exhaust you and leave you feeling hopeless? Do you hear your mother or father coming out of your mouth? Do you wish you could end this parenting “road rage” and get control of what feels out of your control? You can!

Join Bonnie Harris, M.S.Ed., the author of When Your Kids Push Your Buttons and What You Can Do About It, for the recording of her premier Teleseminar of her renowned Buttons Parent Workshop that has helped hundreds of parents internationally defuse their buttons and become the parents they always expected to be.

Get the in-depth training of the Buttons work from Bonnie herself and gain the added benefit of hearing all the participants’ questions, comments and exercises as Bonnie helps them work through their personal situations, ones that always shed light on your own.

“I was so moved by the teleseminar and all the participants/stories – had lots of tears!! It is safe to say that it’s one of the best things I’ve ever done. It feels like all the stuff I’ve been learning through you is just meshing together more and more. What I’ve learned about myself is truly life changing. Thank you so much.”
~ Australian mother of 5 and 9 yr. olds

I really appreciate your generosity in allowing people to ask questions and share their homework – not the case in most of the workshops I’ve done. It helps a ton to hear others’ perspectives.”

“It was helpful to hear some of the other parents go through the homework with you. Thank you for making this affordable. I really valued this opportunity.”

Even though you will be listening to a recording of the teleseminar, the work is all here. Many of the original participants were unable to be on the call live. Here’s what one said:

“I can’t be live on the call, BUT this gives me more focused time at night to sit and listen to your teleconference and follow along in the workbook. I think the class is excellent and it is definitely what I need right now.”

Don’t you agree that nothing is more debilitating to our own self-confidence and sense of self-worth as parents than knowing that we can’t even control ourselves?! For years, I thought I’d never get my anger towards my kids under control. I wish I’d had Bonnie’s tips to save me years of painful reactivity. You’ll love Bonnie, and her warm, compassionate and effective parenting approach!                                  ~ Jacqueline Green, The Great Parenting Show

About Bonnie

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Bonnie is the director of Connective Parenting ( and has been a parenting specialist for 25 years. Parent educator, professional trainer, family counselor, author, and international speaker, Bonnie is known for her pioneering child behavior strategies. Her master’s degree in Early Childhood Education is from Bank Street College in New York City. In 1990, she founded The Parent Guidance Center in New Hampshire, now The River Center. Based on her book, When Your Kids Push Your Buttons and What You Can Do About It, Bonnie teaches her Buttons parent workshops and trains professionals internationally in her Buttons methods. When Your Kids Push Your Buttons was named one of the top ten parenting books by New York Post, and has been published in seven countries.

Her second book Confident Parents, Remarkable Kids: 8 Principles for Raising Kids You’ll Love to Live With has distilled all of her groundbreaking work into 8 key principles and practical strategies.

Bonnie has appeared on The Today Show, Asia News broadcast from Singapore, ABC broadcast in Australia and numerous radio, TV, and blogtalk radio programs and has been featured in publications such as Parenting, Parents, Good Housekeeping, Essence, and Working Mother and numerous website publications. Bonnie is the mother of two grown children and lives in New Hampshire.

The Buttons Background:

After teaching my Effective Parenting Workshops for more than ten years, I realized that many parents, enthusiastic about their new skills, often returned to class more discouraged than ever. Now they knew what they wanted to do but they still couldn’t do it. It was because their buttons were getting pushed.

Personally, I learned first hand what it’s like to have my own buttons pushed. My first child was an easy-going, cooperative kid. The kind every parent hopes for. For 4-½ years, I believed I was an exemplar parent. Then we had Molly. Molly was cut from a different mold and gave us a run for our money from the moment she began to walk. Power struggles took over our previously happy home. I was teaching parents how to better communicate with their children at work and struggling with a strong-willed, won’t-take-no-for-an-answer, don’t-tell-me-what-to-do child at home. It finally became clear after five years of getting my buttons pushed. One morning my perception of Molly did a 180º shift. We never got into another power struggle, and our relationship changed forever.

I saw that a critical step was missing in parent education. This was too important not to teach, write about and spread far and wide. It was clear. No parenting skill can come to the rescue of a parent whose button has been pushed. I saw what was needed to defuse those buttons and it was nothing shy of a fundamental mindset shift. I set about to teach parents how to get there.

I developed a parenting workshop called Defusing Your Buttons to address this critical missing piece. Over several years of learning from parents of all different circumstances what happened when their buttons got triggered and why, I wrote the book. Then I began teaching my fully designed When Your Kids Push Your Buttons parent workshops, later developing a training course for professionals.

The Buttons Parent Workshop

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All parents get their buttons pushed—by lots of people—but no one pushes them like our children. We open our mouths with all best intentions of correcting our child’s behavior and out come those words we swore we would never say, those ineffective threats, and that tone that turns children parent-deaf. Our reactions are automatic, our authority is lost, and parenting skills are inaccessible. Nothing effective can be taught or learned. Our children drive us crazy by pushing those buttons again and again, and we lose control again and again. Actually those button-pushers are the most important teachers we will ever have.

Effective parenting is achieved through connection—understanding what our children’s behavior is trying to tell us, responding with acceptance, empathy and effective limits, holding appropriate expectations, and giving our children the support they need. But to get there, we must take care of ourselves and defuse our trigger points first.

In the Buttons Workshop you will learn:

  • What your buttons are, where they come from, and why your children push them
  • How to understand your child’s behavior from a new view point and get to the root
  • Why your buttons have more to do with your past than with your child
  • Why your reactions are completely in your control and how to control them
  • How we send unintended messages across the Gap and what they result in
  • How to set your expectations for success instead of failure
  • How your buttons serve you as much as you’d like to get rid of them
  • How to defuse your buttons to regain your authority, your sanity, and your children’s cooperation and respect.

buttons workbook

Once you register for the Teleseminar, you will receive the e-document of The Buttons Workbook, which we will follow throughout the class. The workbook includes exercises, questions, charts, and practices that allow you to put your own experiences into the material.

The Goal of The Buttons Class:

You will raise your awareness of the assumptions and expectations you hold about yourself and your children that result in your ineffective reactions to your children’s behavior; you will learn to take responsibility for those assumptions and expectations and reframe them into conscious intentions of parenting that break the old patterns you hate and foster connection with your children.

Part 1

In Part 1, you will become aware of what you are reacting to (hint: it’s not your child!) and what to do about it in order to stop the reactions you hate and respond effectively to connect with your child. You will learn how your best intentions of teaching better behavior get lost in “the gap” and misunderstood by your child—the root of more unacceptable behavior.

In Part 1 you will learn:

  • What your buttons are and why they get pushed
  • How your agenda clashes with your child’s to create power struggles
  • How your assumptions provoke your reactions
  • How to reframe your assumptions so you can respond rather than react
  • How to set your expectations up for success

sullen teenager

You will discover the critical step that instantly and automatically creates the obstacle to Connective Parenting and turns you into the parent you swore you would never be. Understanding that step will open awareness, change perceptions, and transform your anger and blame to compassion and understanding.

Workbook exercises translate theories into practical solutions for you. You may learn all you need in Part 1. But Part 2 helps you dig deeper.

Part One Agenda

Week 1 — Identifying Your Buttons

“She’s doing that on purpose!”

Week 2 — Changing Your Perception

“Wait a minute. She’s having a problem, not being a problem.”

Week 3 — What Did You Expect?

“Why won’t he do what I want?”

Week 4 — Adjusting Your Expectations

“Do my expectations meet up to my child?”

Please note: Paypal will transfer you to a download page when you finish checkout. Should you experience any issues with this transfer, please don’t hesitate to email for the download page address.

Part 2


In Part 2, we will look at the other side of “the gap”, the messages you took in from your parents when you were little that determined the perceptions you made about yourself and others. No need to have clear memories of your childhood to discover why you learned what you did about yourself. Your reactions to your button-pushing children are rooted in your past. The expectations you hold for your children are usually transferred from or compensate for your own experiences. In Part 2, you learn where your buttons originated. The workshop will take you to a deeper level where you will discover how the limiting beliefs you learned in childhood form the buttons your children push—and why. You will come to understand why they stay stuck in your subconscious and how you actually depend on these beliefs that drive you. Once uncovered, you will see that you now have control over them rather than they having control over you.

In Part 2 you will learn:

  • More about your expectations and the power they hold
  • The beliefs you bought into about yourself on the other side of “the gap”
  • Why you choose to hang onto those beliefs
  • The 9 habits to defusing your buttons
  • What to do in the moment when your button is pushed

Part 2 opens the door to new ways of connecting with your child that you will never be able to close again. You will become aware of the choice you have: You can punish your child for pushing your button or you can learn what your button is telling you about yourself that may no longer seem true.

And you will learn that your button-pusher is the most important teacher you will ever have.

Part Two Agenda

Week 5 — It’s Your Beliefs That Drive You

“Why do I react the way I do?”

Week 6 — How Your Beliefs Serve You

“Why is it so hard to change?”

Week 7 — Defusing Your Buttons

“I can make this work.”

Week 8 — Creating Your Personal Mission Statement

“From now on, I have a new perspective on parenting.”

If you have any questions about this Teleseminar, please don’t hesitate to email me.

Special Offer !!!

With your purchase of the Teleseminar recording you will have the opportunity to work with Bonnie personally via phone or Skype for 1/2 the price of her coaching sessions. You may purchase 2 sessions at 1/2 price if Parts 1 and 2 are both purchased together—or 1 session if you purchase only Part 1. Besides doing the exercises in the workbook, it is a tremendous benefit to have Bonnie go through the work with you personally.

Regularly $150 per 90 minute session – with Teleseminar purchase, your cost is only $75 each session.

Simply email Bonnie at to arrange an appointment that works for you.

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