Look At Us Now, Mother!

If you have ever had a mother, especially a difficult mother, this movie is a must see.

LAUNMposterLook At Us Now, Mother! is a feature-length documentary by Gayle Kirschenbaum about the journey of Gayle and her mother from a “Mommy Dearest” appalling relationship to a friendship neither could ever imagine. Due to the extraordinary amount of family footage taken by Gayle’s film buff dad, we witness the devastating criticism doled out to Gayle by her family, mostly her mother, from the time she was a little girl leaving Gayle feeling like an outsider and an ugly duckling.

But far from depressing, this movie is both poignant and hysterically funny as we watch Gayle’s attempts to communicate with her mother and her final push as she takes her mother kicking and screaming into therapy. Through acceptance, forgiveness and finally friendship, the movie leaves us on an inspirational up-swing seeing the possibility of healing where one would never imagine it.

Gayle Kirschenbaum is an award-winning filmmaker/TV producer/blogger and personality. LOOK AT US NOW, MOTHER! is an intensely personal look at a highly charged mother/daughter relationship. It is Gayle’s own story, yet it is incredibly universal. It is now her mission to create a global outreach movement centered on forgiveness between mothers and daughters. She is partnering with non-profit organizations and mental health professionals (me being one) to help teach others that forgiveness is possible even when it seems most unlikely.

Gayle and I met through Twitter of all things! I watched the trailer of her movie and she checked out my website. We were enthralled with how our work approaches the same goal from opposite ends of the spectrum. We immediately knew we would work together with our shared visions of aiding parents and children to heal difficult relationships through acceptance and understanding—and that it’s never too late.

The movie is receiving critical acclaim and standing-room-only audiences at screenings around the world. To learn more about the film and the movement, visit www.LookAtUsNowMother.com and also stay up to date on the most recent news by liking the film’s FACEBOOK page and following Gayle on TWITTER. Gayle is a member of the Producers Guild of America, New York Women in Film and Television, Film Fatales and is a judge for the Emmys. Gayle currently blogs for the Huffington Post. She has been featured widely in the media including the New York Times, NBCs Today Show, Miami Herald, Washington Post, and Ladies Home Journal.

Be sure and check out the film’s highly entertaining trailer by clicking here.

I include a clip from a recent newspaper so you can see Gayle and her mother, who by the way, is a huge supporter of the movie. As her mother has been heard saying to the film’s audiences, “I never knew I was such a bitch.”



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