Parent Coaching and Counseling

With Bonnie’s parent coaching and counseling, you will find answers to your concerns about child behavior problems, coping skills for parents, and insights into turning angry reactions into effective responses.

Parent counseling and coaching

What would you like to change about your relationship with your child?

  • Are you done with dealing with difficult kids and feel like going on strike?
  • Do you ever hear yourself saying, “My kids are out of control?”
  • Do you wish you could stop yelling and threatening and stay calm?
  • Ever fear your kids are stubborn, spoiled, addicted to technology, and won’t ever listen — to anyone?
  • Are you afraid your reactions are harming your relationship and your child?
  • Do you wish you and your spouse were more on the same page?
  • Is your family disrupted by the resistance and attitude of a strong-willed child?
  • And do you have no one you trust to give you the information you really need?

Through Skype, Face Time, phone or office visit, Bonnie listens to your unique situation and offers parenting tips and strategies to help you establish a mutually respectful and cooperative relationship, to regain your parent authority, and to find the calm necessary to be the model your children need. Finally, you can be a more peaceful parent.

How Parent Coaching/Counseling can help you

This has been the equivalent of a chiropractic realignment of my parenting spine.                                                                               ~ mother of two teens

I want to help you feel enlightened rather than drained and exhausted when it comes to raising your children. What I have to offer you is common sense wisdom that will help you feel empowered as a parent. My point of view will provide you (parents and co-parents of any aged child) with answers you may not even know you were looking for. Remember I’ve been there too. I offer help whether it’s quick advice for stumped parents dealing with kids that won’t listen or in-depth work into the layers of old relationship patterns.

In either 1-on-1 private sessions or small private groups, I will answer all your parenting questions and concerns.

I want to help you find a truly fulfilling relationship for you and your child, because I know what it’s like to be in daily power struggles, to feel drained and hopeless. I also know what it’s like to turn your perspective around, see things from a new point of view and get out of the way of establishing a mutually respectful relationship. And I know how incredibly satisfying parenting can be once you do that.

Relationship is always first priority. It’s your relationship with your child that forms the foundation your child needs to stand strong and confident, resist unwanted influences, and develop resilience and responsibility.

We cannot solve our problems with the same  thinking we used when we created them.             ~ Einstein

Whatever words we utter should be chosen with care for people will hear them and be influenced by them for good or ill.      ~ Buddha

How do I know this is the right approach for me?

Let’s talk.

Either by phone, Skype, Facetime or in my office, I offer you an initial hour conversation at no charge to discuss your current situation and how I work to make sure we have a good fit before any commitment is made. You want to know how my approach would fit with your family. You and I both want to know how I can help. I offer multiple levels of coaching, so let’s talk and find the one that works best for you.

Please email me so we can set a time to talk and discuss what level of coaching works best for you.

For a one-on-one 90 min. session please click on the paypal button to make your payment of $150.

Here’s what parents have said about Bonnie’s parent counseling:

This has been the equivalent of a chiropractic realignment of my parenting spine. You got to the heart of it and moved my thinking from residing in a more emotional place in me to a more thoughtful one. I am grateful to you.   ~ Mother of 14 and 16 year olds

Bonnie is a genius. She understands what you are saying, really listens, validates, empathizes, gives you real solutions and leaves you feeling good about yourself, not guilty.      ~ anonymous

Read all the books I could find – Bonnie doesn’t just teach “techniques,” she teaches you to be the parent you’ve been trying to be by becoming aware of the barriers that are in your way.     ~ anonymous

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