What Parents Have to Say

“Bonnie helps parents tap into their issues that are prohibiting them from parenting the way their heart knows is best. Bonnie is able to provide a safe, caring, understanding atmosphere of letting us look at what is holding us back. Her skills are so well defined that she leads parents to open their hearts to forgive themselves for what they have done AND more importantly find the courage to change how they parent. She helps parents reconnect with their children by reconnecting to their inner selves (their core). Bonnie takes parents to places we might not want to go…but once we have visited that scary place with her, we can redefine how we do the most important job we have. I believe steadfastly that she taught me to guide, support and find a way to unconditionally love my children. I can honor their journey and watch them walk down their paths with pride, love and respect, wherever those paths go….knowing they are choosing their own way. How freeing that is! Bonnie helped me look at my own buttons and gave me tools to begin to defuse them. She offered me the opportunity to determine what I needed to work on and then supported my efforts every step of the way.”

—Libby Comeau, mother of an 18-year-old
“After the Buttons classes, our way of parenting has changed dramatically. Nothing short of life changing. Bonnie’s teachings transformed the way we view not only our children, but ourselves. Many of our buttons have been defused. Others may still be loaded, but we know they’re there and can work on them consciously. We now have more compassionate responses to our sons and they, in turn, behave in ways that are easier to understand and navigate.”

—Trace Salter and Michael Gurau, parents of two children, 1 and 4 years old
“Bonnie Harris is the Mother Theresa of parenting! When people tell me what great children I have, I say, ‘Bonnie Harris thanks you!’ Bonnie has made me realize that my child didn’t have issues, it was me. I had to look inside and find out what was going on for me. I came to terms with my own childhood issues, made some hard changes, and now keep the connection with my children.”

—Jeri Robertson-Hanson, mother of two children, 8 and 11 years old
“Before taking the Buttons class, I felt like our lives were in a downward spiral. This class was the lifeline. After identifying my buttons, I have been able to stop reacting to my son and begin to listen and validate his feelings. His behavior is so much improved, my husband, the skeptic, has been very pleasantly surprised by our success. The class has made such a marked difference in our lives.”

—Michele Zigrossi, mother of a 2-year-old
“I experienced a breakthrough doing the exercises. Seeing my belief written out and how it got there was an enlightening moment, and all the anger I’ve been struggling with for years has evaporated. These exercises are useful for all personal growth work with relationships, not just parenting.”

—Jennifer D., mother of three children – 10, 8 and 15 months
“Wow! I got it! Without a minefield of hot buttons between me and my children, I’m truly and finally empowered to effectively parent them. I’ve taken classes and read numerous parenting books, but until I learned Bonnie’s methods it was difficult to act on them. It’s amazing how clearly I can see when my thoughts aren’t fogged by issues who’s roots are in my own childhood. Thank you, Bonnie, from me, my children and my children’s children who will most certainly benefit from what will become transgenerational thinking.”

—Carol Driscoll, mother of two – ages 2 and 4
“Read all the books I could find – Bonnie doesn’t teach “techniques,” she teaches you to be the parent you’ve been trying to be by becoming aware of the barriers that are in your way. Bonnie is a genius. She understands what you are saying, really listens, validates, empathizes, gives you real solutions and leaves you feeling good about yourself, not guilty.”

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