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Stopping by a Moose/Intrinsic Rewards

Yesterday driving through MA, I spotted a moose in the woods. It was huge. My friend who was driving turned around so we could all see it. We stopped on the side of the road and my husband got out to take a picture. Just then the moose moved, and my friend backed up a bit to see it more clearly. Only she backed off the road into a deep, snowy trench that her efforts dug the car deeper and deeper into. It was looking like we needed help. The first car by was a woman who said that cellphone reception was not possible where we were and she would drive to the nearest station to send a tow truck. My friend kept trying to pull out but sent the right-hand tires into the snow even deeper. Every car that came by stopped to help. We really are good at that! Some got out to peruse the situation and give a push. Finally a small guy realized that what was needed was muscle from the snow-banked side of the road

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