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To raise great kids, parents need to understand themselves as well as their kids. Parenting expert and educator, Bonnie Harris, wrote When Your Kids Push Your Buttons to answer your questions, What do I do when my kids are driving me crazy? How do I stop reacting? and How can I get my kids to listen? Confident Parents, Remarkable Kids illustrates 8 common sense parenting skills so you can drop blame and punishment and instead teach respect and responsibility through connective communication and problem solving. Bonnie’s parenting books and audio books share her discoveries through real-life stories from parents like you.

when your kids push your buttons book and workbook

When Your Kids Push Your Buttons

And What You Can Do About It

Learn what to do when your kids drive you crazy, push your buttons, and send you into the “road rage” of parenting. Voted one of the top 10 parenting books by the New York Post.

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When Your Kids Push Your Buttons Audiobook.

When Your Kids Push Your Buttons Parent Workbook.

When Your Kids Push Your Buttons Audio Course.

When Your Kids Push Your Buttons Parent Workbook

Full of exercises, charts, and practices to help put the Buttons work into your personal situations.

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confident parents, remarkable kids

Confident Parents, Remarkable Kids:

8 Principles for Raising Kids You’ll Love to Live With

Groundbreaking work on understanding child behavior problems. Learn the 8 principles that can change your life and learn how to apply them to common ordinary everyday situations. Examples, examples, examples.

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