Tell Me About Your Kids Podcast

Conversations on Connective Parenting with Bonnie Harris

Kids are not the problem. How parents react is the problem. Learn how to change your perspective to have a better relationship with your children.

No, you are not alone. Listen in to hear Bonnie coach real parents with real problems in one on one sessions. Learn new perspectives and strategies to use in your own conflicts and struggles to raise your kids with self-confidence and resilience.

Episodes release weekly on Thursdays.

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What listeners are saying:

“I read both of Bonnie’s books, and I’ve been personally coached by her, and her philosophy and practices have changed my life for the better. In addition to being full of Bonnie’s warmth and wisdom, this podcast is also well-produced. It sounds good, and her conversations with her producer, Adam, add tremendous value. They’re a terrific team!”

“Hearing Bonnie listen to parents and provide feedback, perspective, and context allowed me to think about my own relationship with my kids in a new way.”

“This podcast by Bonnie Harris provides vignettes of empathetic parenting through one-on-one sessions with parents in the trenches. How to deal with a child’s anxiety? What are some strategies to apply when the kids “push your buttons?” Lots of useful ideas for parents. Fabulous, fabulous, fabulous!! Thank you Bonnie!”

“Bonnie helps you work through your angst as a parent in such a kind, compassionate, and understanding way. I love hearing other parents’ stories and how Bonnie helps them work through it. Great parenting advice that everyone can relate to and benefit from!”

“This podcast has been so impactful and valuable for me. I eagerly await a new one each week. Listening in as Bonnie works through real world scenarios is so powerful. Her concept of the harmony child and integrity child has brought so much clarity to my parenting journey.”

“Moving, direct, helpful, inspiring. Congratulations on getting it into full flight! Bonnie, as always your listening and attentiveness drives your expert support. Really powerful stuff for me.”

And from a non-parent: “There are totally lessons to understanding adults in this podcast because one can think about how their behaviors and worldview might be stemming from how their parents dealt with them.”