Confident Parents, Remarkable Kids


8 Principles for Raising Kids You’ll Love to Live With

If you want to better understand behavior problems in children and how to most effectively manage them — and yourself — Confident Parents is the book for you! Full of helpful parenting tips and tools, Confident Parents gives you the reasons why these principles work. It presents the 8 most important aspects of Connective Parenting and then puts them into practice in 7 common daily dilemmas all parents face.

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Confident Parents, Remarkable Kids is the book you’ll wish your parents had read.

Once you understand and apply these eight principles, you will begin to look for and see your children’s capabilities rather than inadequacies. You will understand their behavior as clues rather than failures and learn to be a detective instead of a police officer. Confident Parents gives you the parenting tools to connect with your children, even in the toughest times, and teach them to problem solve, take responsibility, and be accountable for their actions — without punishment or blame. And you will regain the authority that your children really do want you to have.

The eight principles presented in this book can change your life. They will help you develop your parenting philosophy. Having a core philosophy provides you with a reservoir from which to draw, so that whatever situation may arise or whatever your state of mind, your response is consistent and grounded and you will parent with confidence. When we act like the grownups we are meant to be, our children will be free to act like the children they are — children you’ll love to live with.

Confident Parents was chosen by Barbara Meltz, parenting columnist for The Boston Globe, as one of her very few listed favorite parenting books for 2014 — six years after its publication. For her recommendations click here.

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