STOP! Here’s What to Do When Your Kids Push Your Buttons | with Bonnie Harris

” She gets into the everyday trenches of parenting with us and is skilled at showing us all that our children are our greatest teachers, hear to help us identify where we are still yet to grow.”

In this interview we discuss
1. What is at the root of our triggers?
2. The real cause of Parent-Deafness
3. Common buttons and how we react
4. Power Struggles
5. How do we begin to defuse our button and respond instead of reacting to our kids?
6. Why we need to be kind and patient with ourselves too

Women Living Passionately – Q & A with Parenting Expert Bonnie Harris

My interview with Natalie Matushenko for Women Living Passionately. We talk about:

  • Parenting a headstrong child
  • Adolescents and screen time
  • How to meet our kids emotional needs even for a single working parent
  • Setting effective boundaries
  • Managing attitudes and disrespectful behavior

Women Living Passionately – Bonnie’s interview with Natalie Matsushenko (

You’ll hear:
  • How I came to tearfully leave my passion for acting in order to uncover an even greater passion for parenting
  • How synchronicity helped push me forward and help me let go of all my “excuses”
  • How my daughter was the biggest “obstacle” I had to overcome to find my mission
  • How long it took me to find my voice after a childhood that silenced me

Navigating Sibling Relationships and Fighting Webinar – about 1 hour

We cover how parents get sucked in to The Triangle Game, The No-Blame Solution, the levels of effective intervention, and conflict resolution. We discuss what the parents job is and what it is not.


Bonnie Joins Casey O’Roarty on the Joyful Courage Parenting Podcast

I talk with Casey about my own journey as a parent educator beginning with my very difficult daughter and how I changed our relationship forever — from taking things personally to seeing that she was HAVING a problem, not BEING a problem. It’s all about the relationship between you and your child. We mainly focus on parenting the under five year olds, appropriate expectations, egocentricity, the “Of course” mantra and the Do-Over.


“Screentime Sanity”: Bonnie is interviewed by Cynthia Crossley of from the Screentime Sanity Telesummit


Bonnie is interviewed by Patty Wipfler of HandinHand Parenting on When Your Kids Push Your Buttons


“The Importance of Compassionate Parenting” on Baby Talk Radio with Cathy Jacobs

Hear Bonnie Harris’ different take on the Newtown shootings. Also:

  1. How does she define punishment? What is meant by a “culture of punishment”?
  2. What would a “culture of compassion” look like?
  3. What do we need to do to change our “parenting culture”?


Bonnie’s interview on The Lisa Oz Show on Oprah Radio


Bonnie’s interview discussing young children’s behavior on Baby Talk Radio with Cathy Jacobs


Bonnie’s interview with Heather Forbes’ “Ask the Experts Series” at Beyond Consequences Institute