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Music and ADHD: A Quick Guide for Parents

Music and ADHDWe all love music. Now we know it can help attention span for kids with ADHD.

Bono once famously said, “Music can change the world because it can change people.” This sentiment is true on a number of levels, including helping people with attention deficit disorders control the symptoms of their condition.

According to Psychology Today, music may be used to help people manage ADHD. In a recent article posted online, Larry Maucieri Ph.D, ABPP-CN reports that people trained in music have an overwhelming tendency to perform better in many areas, including attention span and memory. It is theorized that part of the reason music affects ADHD in a positive way is because it increases dopamine levels, which, when deficient, may cause or contribute to ADHD.

Different strokes

It is easy to believe that only slow, classical melodies can increase attention span. That isn’t the case, however, as different brains interpret music in different ways. For some, heavy metal may help them find a center of balance. Others may prefer hip-hop, while others still prefer the soulful twang of country Read more…