The “Buttons” Audio Course: Part 1


A Two Part Online Parenting Workshop to Take at Home

Defiant behavior, then blame, threats, and yelling, then regret and shame—does this cycle exhaust you? Do you wish you could end this parenting “road rage” and get control of what feels out of your control?

In the Buttons Workshop you will learn:

  • What your buttons are, where they come from, and why your children push them
  • How to understand your child’s behavior from a new perspective
  • Why your buttons have more to do with your past than with your child
  • Why your reactions are completely in your control and how to control them
  • How we send messages to our children we least intend
  • How to set your expectations for the child you have instead of the one you wish you had
  • How to defuse your buttons to regain your authority, your sanity, and your children’s cooperation and respect.
  • How to change your ineffective, even damaging, reactions to effective responses your children can hear.

Based on Bonnie’s highly acclaimed book, When Your Kids Push Your Buttons and What You Can Do About It, the Audio Course puts the work in your lap.



Based on Bonnie’s highly acclaimed book, When Your Kids Push Your Buttons and What You Can Do About It, the Audio Course puts the work in your lap.

mom in a button shirt

Part 1: The reasons we react the way we do and how to reframe our thinking

Part 2: How our past plays a part in those reactions we hate and how to defuse our buttons

In the full program, you will:

  • Learn why you react the way you do when your children behave the way they do — ways that push your buttons and make you see red.
  • Listen in the convenience of your home—no travel, no babysitters, no driving, no parking, no added costs, no hassles. Listen at your own pace as often as you like.
  • Get the in-depth training with Bonnie herself and the added benefit of hearing participant questions, comments, and exercises as Bonnie helps them work through their personal situations, ones that always shed light on your own.
  • Work with Bonnie in two half-price private sessions to help you put the Buttons work into practical use in your own family.

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Special Offer !!!

With your purchase of the Audio Course recording you will have the opportunity to work with Bonnie personally via phone or Skype for 1/2 the price of her coaching sessions. You may purchase 2 sessions at 1/2 price if Parts 1 and 2 are both purchased together—or 1 session if you purchase only Part 1. Besides doing the exercises in the workbook, it is a tremendous benefit to have Bonnie go through the work with you personally.

Regularly $135 for a one hour session — with Audio course purchase, your cost is only $67.50 each session.

Simply email Bonnie at to arrange an appointment that works for you.