When Your Kids Push Your Buttons Audio Book

A certain look, a defiant act, your child “pushes your buttons”, and you say things you swore you never would. Blame, regret, shame—does this “spinning out of control” action/reaction cycle sound familiar? Effective parenting is achieved when we connect with our children, understand what their behavior is trying to tell us, and end the parenting “road rage” to give our children the help they may really be asking for. When Your Kids Push Your Buttons and What You Can Do About It (Warner books, 2003), voted one of the top 10 parenting books by the New York Post, will help you discover what your buttons are, where they come from, why your children push them and how to defuse them so you can regain your authority, your sanity, and your children’s cooperation and respect.

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“When Your Kids Push Your Buttons” Audio Book