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  1. Looking forward to reading one of your books! I adore Katrina and if she recommends you I’m reading it!!

  2. Hi Bonie..I just joined your blog on the recommendation of Katrina Kenison. I would recommend the book ` Raising girls ` by Steve Biddulp . Looking forward to reading Katrina`s book ` The gift of a perfect day` and also your book ` Confident parents, remarkable children` if I am picked as a winner. Hope to see good articles from your blog regularly. Best wishes.

  3. I love all you write and do, Bonnie! Thank you for the Mother’s Day’s lines. While I don’t want to feel like a victim of our crazy times, this helps me to realize and appreciate why and that things seem so overwhelming at times. Great compassion is required for all of us, as mothers, as humans trying to evolve, and for our great Mother Earth– who is bearing a burden as well, as the respect we owe each-other needs to be offered to Her as well. May we evolve and ever learn to appreciate ourselves all the more.

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