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A Connected Relationship with Your Kids

If you’re thinking about making changes in your relationships with your children, here is an inspirational story from a parent in Australia to get you jump-started. As you can see, it often takes time and effort to get to a truly connected relationship. The work you put in is an investment: in your children’s futures, in your long term relationships, and in your own personal growth—nothing is more worth it.


“I’m nearly two years down the track in being a Connective Parent! I love realising how far I’ve come with it, whilst also acknowledging I’ve got some way to go yet before I would consider myself a “competent” connective parent. I totally agree with you that it’s like learning a complete new language, way of thinking, way of being really… I love the dimmer switch idea; it’s getting brighter and brighter all the time, slowly but surely… with work!! I wanted to share with you what happened this morning.

Over the last 24 hours, my 10 year old son has been going on about not wanting to go to camp. Read more…