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Seattle and San Fran

I’m heading out tomorrow to Seattle to give 4 different workshops at the La Leche conference in Redmond. And then on Monday, I leave for San Francisco to do a number of workshops and talks. Please check out my newsletter – http://www.bonnieharris.com/newsletter.html – to see details and contact information in the Upcoming schedule section. There are still openings in the workshops and there are two different talks open to the public. I’d love to see you there and tell your friends and relatives in the area.

One of the talks is on my most popular topic: When Your Kids Push Your Buttons, based on my book by the same name. The other is called Getting to the Root: Understanding What Your Child’s Behavior is Trying to Tell You. We all have this idea that behavior is either good or bad and if we react negatively to or punish bad behavior, it will motivate our children to behave better. When has that ever worked? Ever work on you? Not unless you were afraid of what would happen if you didn’t. Read more…