Connective Parenting is about finding the balance between your needs and your child's. In my 25 years of working with families, I have learned that the key to understanding children and their behavior lies in the perception that inappropriate behavior means, MY CHILD IS HAVING A PROBLEM, NOT BEING A PROBLEM. And that the behavior is your clue to turn your anger to compassion and your child's resistance to cooperation.
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"I am constantly astonished and delighted by your rich and insightful answers to parents. I have been a therapist for many years and I work with children as well as adults. Yet with all my experience and my knowledge, there is something so strong and assured about your views on child/parent relationships that they continue to engage and add to my knowledge."

The Power of Acceptance

Teleseminar – The most dynamic way to learn the “Buttons” work.

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Take the powerful "When Your Kids Push Your Buttons” 8 week class on your own schedule—no travel, no babysitters, no parking, no hassles. Bonnie teaches and international participants do their own work through the buttons exercises as you do your own. Listen and learn at whatever pace suits you. Included in the cost is the parent workbook and two half-price private sessions with Bonnie. Purchase just Part 1 (4 sessions) or the whole program (8 sessions—12 hours in all). Read More »

A Buttons Testimonial

"I feel like I am on the calls too since everyone else has the same issues as me.” ~ mother of 3


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